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Version 1.2 - May 1, 1998

The Escola Waldorf Rudolf Steiner de São Paulo, Brazil, has an extensive library containing most of the complete published works (GA - Gesamtausgabe) by Rudolf Steiner. The GA covers about 40 of his written books and 300 volumes with his about 6,000 lectures. Please click on the link below to access the first part (of a total of 2 parts) of for the complete GA list and the volumes in that library, ordered by GA, with titles in various languages: the original in German and also translations published in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian. The accessed page (with GA 1-169) contains in its beginning a link to the second part.

Observations (in Portuguese in that site):
1. This list was initially built from the data base provided by the EWRS library.We checked, corrected and completed the references using the Katalog des Gesamtwerkes, 1997/1998, Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Haus Duldeck, CH-4143 Dornach, Switzerland. Titles not encountered were indicated with (?).
2. Each entry is preceded by the library code number. When the library has many copies of the same title, we indicate this fact with a line following the title with "Dupl:" and the various code numbers.
3. The original title in German of each GA was moved to its first entry; the remaining titles are ordered by language, in this order: German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and English.
4. The GA titles were completed with those not present in that library; we indicated this fact with code number 0000.
5. We added the data of the original publication (first edition) or the dates of lectures in lecture cycles, as well as the cities where these were hold. For lectures, the date is preceded by the number of lectures in the cycle followed by a "V" (from "Vorträge"), then the city name or vS (from "in verschiedenen Sädte") when the complete catalog has this specification..
6. Many titles correspond to lectures published in separate. We indicate this fact with [S] at the end of the entry.
7. The volumes translated into Portuguese and published by Editora Antroposófica are marked with [EA]. To jump to the complete catalog of that press, please click here.

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