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1861 Birth on Feb. 27 in Donji Kraljevec (Lower Kralevec), Medjimurje region, Croatia, between Hungary and Slovenia, son of a railroad employee. Parents came from Austria. Childhood and youth in various Austrian towns.
1872-1879 Junior and Senior high school in Wiener-Neustadt (close to Vienna).
1875-1889 Worked as a private teacher, many times to his own classmates, specially in Math and sciences.
1879-1883 Undergraduate studies at the Vienna Institute of Technology (Wiener Technische Hoschschule). Deep studies of Goethe.
1882-1897 Editor of Goethe's scientific works for the J.Kürschner's "Deutsche National Literatur" edition (the 5 volumes are in GA 1a-e).
1884-1890 Private teacher/tutor of 4 children of a Vienna family, mainly of one who was hydrocephalic and unable to learn. Succeeds in helping him to finish school, and enter the Faculty of Medicine; he died during the 1st. World War.
1886 Worked in the "Duchess Sophia" complete edition of Goethe's writings.
1888 Editor of the "Weekly German Magazine" (Deutsche Wochenschrift) (GA 31).
1890-1897 Worked at the Schiller-Goethe Archives in Weimar. Edition of Goethe's scientific writings.
1891 Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Rostock, Germany. Publication of the dissertation (GA 3).
!894 Meeting with Haeckel; beginning of correspondence with him (in GA 38).
1897 Moved to Berlin, where he was the editor (up to 1900) of the "Literature Magazine" (Magazin für Literatur) (GA 31), where he decisively manifests himself against antisemitism, and of the "Drama Journal" (Dramaturgische Blätter) with O.E.Hartleben. Activities at the "Free Drama Society" (Freien dramatischen Gesellschaft), at the Giordano Bruno League, and others.
1899-1904 Instructor at the Berlin "Workers' School of Education" (Arbeiter-Bildungsschule).
1900 Beginning of activities as a lecturer on various Anthroposophic themes under the invitation of the Berlin Theosophic Society, transmitting only the results of his own original esoteric research.
1902 Nominated the General Secretary of the German Theosophic Society. In the same day, gives a lecture with title "Anthroposophy".
1902-1912 Intensive activity as a lecturer in Berlin and in whole Europe. Marie von Sievers becomes his constant cooperator.
1903 Foundation of the Luzifer journal, later Luzifer-Gnosis (GA 10-12, 34).
1905 First writings on the threefold social organization (in GA 34).
1906 Meeting with Edouard Schuré; Marie von Sievers had translated some of his works.
1907 Organizes the world conference of the Theosophic Society in Munich, where he introduces artistic activities for the first time.
1910-1913 Writes and directs the representation of his 4 Mystery Dramas, one each year, in Munich (GA 14).
1912 Introduction of the new arts Eurithmy (GA 277a) and Speech Formation (GA 281).
1913 Separation from the Theosophic Society and foundation of the Anthroposophical Society.
1913-1923 Construction of the first Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, a true work of art in wood.
1914 Marriage with Marie von Sievers (from then on Marie Steiner).
1914-1924 In lectures in Dornach, Berlin and many cities all over Europe, gives indication for the renewal of many areas of human activity: art, education, sciences, social life, medicine, pharmacology, therapies, agriculture, architecture and theology.
1919 Intensive activities as a writer and lecturer on his ideas on social renewal, the Threefold Commonwealth (GA 23, 328-341) mainly in Southern Germany. On autumn, foundation of the Free Waldorf School (Freie Waldorfschule) in Stuttgart (GA 293-295), directed by him up to his death; this school exists up to now, at the Hausman street.
1920 First course for physicians (GA 312), beginning the application to what became Anthroposophic Medicine.
1921 Foundation of the "Das Goetheanum" weekly, with his regular contributions (GA 36, 260a); this journal continues to be edited. Foundation of the first Anthroposophic Clinic, in Arlesheim, next to Dornach, by Ita Wegman; this clinic continues its operation as the Ita Wegman Klinik (for a picture of it and a text with information in German, please click here).
1922 Foundation of the religious renewal movement "The Christian Community", by clergymen under his orientation. In the evening of the year's end, the Goetheanum is criminally set afire. In the following day, he continues his lecture cycle in the nearby cabinetmaking workshop.
1923 Beginning of the design and gypsum modeling of the 2nd Goetheanum, to be built in 1925-28 after his death, now in reinforced concrete (for pictures of it, please click here). During the Christmas Conference, foundation of the new General Anthroposophical Society (Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft).
1923-1925 Publishes every week in Das Goetheanum his autobiography (GA 28), which would remain unfinished (covers his life up to 1907). In cooperation with Dr. Ita Wegman, writes the book on Anthroposophic Medicine (GA 27).
1924 Course on agriculture in Koberwitz (GA 327), originating bio-dynamic farming. Course on Curative Education (GA 317), originating this field of application of Anthroposophy. After intensive activity of lectures and courses in the last months, and his last lecture on Sept. 9 to members of the Society, beginning of his fatal disease.
1925 Death in Dornach on March 30. His published work, including lecture cicles, comprises more than 350 titles.

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